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Fuel Products

Fuel Products

Starting the end of May we offer Prebuy and Budget fuel programs that run June-March. To learn more about these click here.


Our soy based, bio-blended heating fuel contains special additives to help you get the maximum performance from your heating system, and reduces the build up of sludge and water. Why choose our fuel?

– Burns cleaner than regular heating oil.

– Helps avoid costly repairs and may lead to fewer service calls.

– Extends the life of your heating system

– Helps stabilize fuel during the summer months.

– Reduces corrosion on the inside of your tank.

– Keeps the burner nozzle clean.

– Non-toxic and biodegradable.

– Derived from natural oils.

– Helps reduce your carbon footprint.


We are committed to taking care of our customers, their home, and their family to the best of our ability. We provide the quality service and products that you deserve. This customer had been with another company for many years and received regular maintenance every year. This is why the quality of fuel and attention to service matters.


Our low-sulfur kerosene eliminates congealing in outdoor tanks. It is ultra refined for clean, efficient heating.


Our propane gas is blended with methanol to remove moisture and prevent regulator freeze-ups. Propane is very efficient & can be used with a variety of appliances including:

– Cook stoves

– Dryers

– Water heaters

– Heating Systems

– Decorative stoves and fireplaces

– Generators

– Gas grills

Bring your 20 lb. gas grill tank in to our office to exchange it for a full tank. Please allow 24 hours to refill your own tank.


We offer residential and bulk delivery of ultra-low sulfur diesel products to our customers. See our Services page for information about our Key Club, and apply today!

Cota & Cota : Wood Pellets

Premium Grade Wood Pellets

Our wood pellet ratio of hardwood to softwood is 80:20. This ratio lowers the moisture and ash content, which allows the pellets to burn longer at a higher temperature. We can deliver pellets to your home by the ton. Please ask your local office for pricing. Minimum home delivery is one ton, or fifty 40 lb. bags.

Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons or a full tank. We require a tank inspection before delivery and the State of Vermont requires oil tank inspections every 3 years.