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Pellet Systems

Pellet Systems

We now offer a wide variety of solid fuel heating systems. It is now possible through Cota & Cota to purchase alternative environmentally friendly heating systems. With our central heating products ranging from hot water boilers, residential and commercial furnaces, as well as state of the art pellet stoves. Allowing us to make it possible for our customers to heat their homes with solid fuel wood pellets.

Room Heaters

The Napoleon NPS40
This convenient top loading pellet stove has an automatic ignitor, and will heat a 2000 square foot area. A hopper capacity of 55 lbs., capable of handling a full bag of pellets. Doors and decorative trivets available in black, 24 karat gold, and chrome plated finishes.
Central Heating Systems

Central Heating Systems

GBU070- Home Furnace
The GBU70 is a perfect solution to meet the needs of the average sized home. The compact design allows this unit to fit into places larger units won’t. With low power consumption it plugs into any standard outlet. Solid-state control allows the unit to be operated from a wall thermostat. Having a built in pilot reduces wait time for heat. With a hopper extension you can double the furnace fuel capacity. The GBU070 furnace will work well in your home or in warehouses, shops and light industrial settings.

GBU130-Commercial Furnace
Our most versatile furnace, the GBU130 can be set from 85,000 to 130,000 BTU, giving a wide range of heating for larger homes and commercial use.The GBU130 has a wide variety of availability installations. Thermostatically controlled, it has a built in pilot, and it can be upflowed or downflowed. If height is a concern, it can be used in a lowboy configuration. A domestic hot water option is also available, so you can heat your home and save money on your hot water at the same time.

GBU400-Industrial Furnace
The GBU400 commercial/industrial furnace is our mightiest unit. This unit can burn a wide variety of biomass materials depending on moisture content. The range of bioenergy choices are vast – wood pellets, shavings, walnut shells, cherry pits, sawdust, and many different types of grains. Any material with a reasonable BTU value can be utilized in this furnace. The GBU400 has a wide variety of available installations. This furnace is thermostatically controlled with a built-in pilot. If height is a concern, it can be used in a lowboy configuration.

PB150-Water Boiler
This outstanding water heater operates under the same principals as any other boiler, however it operates on bioenergy. The boiler is wood pellet or corn fired. If you want versatility we’ve got it. Use this boiler to heat concrete floors, radiators, duct coils, hot tubs as well as domestic hot water. Whether you’re replacing an old system, starting from scratch or adding an existing system, this boiler is the one for you.

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Now Cota & Cota is able to deliver solid fuel wood pellets to your home. Place your orders by the ton TODAY! Contact Cota & Cota Oil for any additional information at
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