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Low Temperature Alarm Systems

Low Temperature Alarm Systems

Have you ever experienced damaged or frozen pipes due to a loss of heat? Investing in a low-temperature alarm system is well worth the investment to prevent that experience. The repair costs and damage to your belongings are devastating.

 Choose comfort and safety knowing your home is taken care of while you’re away. We can help.

Low Temperature Alarm Protection
Guardian™ Alarm System

Cota & Cota technician installs guardian monitoring systemThe Guardian™ system is a temperature sensor in your home that activates a call from your local phone to our 24-hour emergency service. This notifies us when there is a low temperature reading in your home and we send a service technician to check your home. (Thermostat(s) need to be set at 56° or higher at all times – we highly recommend 60° and above.)

The Guardian™ has the innate ability to detect and report low temperatures. It is also able to act as a flood sensor as well as reorder fuel when low.

Available to our regular heating customers, this system relies on your local phone being connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It relies on a rechargeable battery therefore is unaffected by power outages. It will alert us should the battery get low, or if communication has been lost with your unit. It’s virtually maintenance free.

The Guardian™ is installed and billed on a time and material basis including the alarm. The monitoring fee is billed once per season. Call (802) 463-0000 or click here to request a free quote online. View our Service Policy Brochure for more details and pricing.