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30 Years at Cota & Cota!

In January we celebrated three very special anniversaries at Cota & Cota. Randy Murray, Rod Miller and Lou Tomberg have all reached their 30th year of service! Talk about service - we are honored to offer our customers a combined 90 years of experience through just three

Employees Giving Back

The staff at Cota & Cota have a tradition of honoring the Cota Family by making a donation in their name to various local charities. The gift is presented to the Cota Family at our annual Christmas party. It is also a way of honoring the communities we serve. We have e

Best Service…Hands Down

We receive so many nice emails and phone calls about our service technicians, plumbers  and drivers that it is time to recognize these guys for their efforts. They really do go above and beyond, and we couldn't be more proud. Thank you, Don Bartlett! Fred Detar says he

Merry Christmas!

Christmas arrived in all of it's usual fanfare, including an unexpected guest at the Annual Cota & Cota Christmas Party! Santa made an appearance to award each Cota & Cota office with a plaque that listed their community service contributions. Each office contributed

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Gift of Warmth

The holiday season has arrived, and with it has brought the true spirit of giving. Last week, at the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce Holiday Mixer, a drawing was held for 200 gallons of heating fuel. There was a catch. The winner, a local business member, had the respon

Empty Bowl Dinner

On Wednesday, November 20, 188 people gathered at the High School in Springfield, VT for it's 6th Annual Empty Bowl Dinner. The proceeds benefitted the Springfield Family Center Food Shelf and Springfield Art & Historical Society. Guests purchased a dinner of soup, pasta

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Have you ever wondered why the staff at Cota & Cota speak with great pride about our company? Or why we are always willing to volunteer on behalf of our employers? Cota & Cota leads by example.  Here is just one example (shared by Jaimi Russell) of what makes us pro

Ludlow Rotary Student Exchange

Update from Jaimi Russell, who volunteered for the Ludlow area Rotary. "I helped Jim Rumrill (Ludlow Office Manager) chaperone 20 students from all around the world...Sweden, Chile, Iceland, Spain to Italy, Bosnia, Belgium and Germany just to name a few!  We toured the U

5K for Khol

On Sunday, November 10 we were honored to lend a hand in the 5k run/walk for Khol. The race, held in Townshend, was a benefit for the family of Khol Hitchcock, who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. Six Cota & Cota volunteers handed out water to particip

Upper Valley Chronicle

If you have watched Upper Valley Chronicle the past couple of weeks then you have seen Casey Cota and Deb Satterfield discuss the history of Cota & Cota, and what makes us stand apart from the competition. Harold Elliott will appear in episode 3 of this three part series