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We made it! We survived a tough Northern New England Winter and navigated the unknown during a pandemic. Thank you for trusting us to deliver you warmth regardless of what was happening. Our pricing programs provide you stability to help take some stress out of your life. W

Home Comfort & Savings

Flexible settings, automatic - set it & forget it, easy to learn & use, connect it to your smart device while home or on the road, personalize your app. to each room in your home and most of all SAVE ON YOUR HEATING/COOLING BILL! Call (888) COTA-OIL OR VISIT YOUR

Simple Savings

Does your thermostat look like one of these? Make a small affordable change this winter to save on your heating budget. New does not need to be confusing or complicated. We will help you find the best solution for you & your home. Between work, travel,

What a year!

"Years may come and go but they always start and end with family." What a year 2019 was! Here's a few exciting milestones. Thank you for joining our family and putting your trust in our team of hard-working drivers, technicians, customer service reps, and many more behin

Give the Gift of Warmth

Not sure what to get family members or looking for a way to " Pay it Forward" this year? We offer Gift Certificates to keep your loved ones warm through the unpredictable winter season. This gift truly keeps on giving and may put their mind at ease knowing they'll be

Tis the Season – Family Tradition

"If everyone could "pay it forward" at least once, it would help unite & strengthen our community." - Ken Cota We traditionally take part in several gifts of warmth during the cold winter season. This year we started with a mixer at our new Manchester office in partn

Happy November!

Home Sweet Home is 2332 Depot Street, Manchester Vermont! That's where you can find us now for all your heating, cooling, or plumbing needs. No worries we've only moved across town with a little more room to grow. Maybe you're familiar with our wonderful neighbors, the Eag

Be Aware & Prepare Your Home : Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Dipping Temps Mean Deadly Carbon Monoxide Looms, as Residents Burn Fuel to Heat Homes As New Hampshire residents start turning on the heat to combat colder daytime and evening temperatures, fire departments and emergency responders expect an uptick in calls for help rel

Heat Clean & Save Money

 July 2, 2018: Press Release It is hard to think about heating fuel on one of the hottest days of the year, but this Sunday marked an important milestone. On July 1, Vermont and the rest of the Northeast switched to ultra-low sulfur heating oil.  As part of the 201


96.7 TSA FM and Cota Oil NEED YOUR HELP TO PAY IT FORWARD! IT’S THE KEN COTA GIFT OF WARMTH, HELP CREATE SOME GOOD IN THE HOOD! WTSA and Cota and Cota are once again giving away 100 Gallons of Fuel Oil or Propane Gas to someone in our community. We are looking for your