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Heating Systems

Heating Systems

It is with confidence that we install the highest quality, highly efficient, oil and propane heating systems, water heaters, space heaters, & thermostats. We can help take the worry out of heating your home!

Converting from an electric to a propane gas water heater can save 50% off your water heating costs. We also install a number of direct vent propane gas heaters, which are ideal for areas hard to heat with central heating systems.

We are a Premier Dealer of the American made Energy Kinetics System 2000. This system is up to 90% efficient and can save you up to 40% off your heating bill! It can easily be converted to accommodate oil or propane. The on demand hot water advantage means less heat is wasted sitting idle in your boiler. The smart water tank is solar capable. Energy star rated!

The Lochinvar Boiler offers high efficiency heat and endless hot water with quiet operation. This product is made in the USA with an interactive control diagnosis panel that can connect to your smart device.

Enjoy instant hot water and no standby energy loss with this Rinnai on demand, energy star rated water heating system. The 95% efficiency rating means fuel is not wasted heating water and is capable of producing up to 9.8 gallons per minute. The unit hangs on the wall to save space – certain models can even be mounted outside. Perfect for soft water conditions.

Honeywell Smart Thermostat
Built in wi-fi with remote access
Access to multiple thermostats if your system is zoned
5 year warranty
Keeps time during power failure
Automatically updates for daylight savings

Bradford White water heaters – safe and dependable. Fit in utility closets or basements. Hydrojet system discourages sediment build up to help extend the life of the tank.

Rinnai Direct vent high efficiency space heaters have a whisper quiet fan and an AFUE rating of 84%.

We are a Premier Dealer of ThermoPride forced hot air furnaces that offer a lifetime warranty. Models are designed to fit anywhere—from a crawl space or closet to your attic. They are corrosion resistant, which is perfect for damp environments. Models range from residential to commercial.  BTU output ranges from 56,000 – 320,000 for residential models. They also allow for central air conditioning with quiet operation.

Empire Direct vent gas space heaters are perfect for a workshop or back-up heat during a power outage.

Roth 2-in-1 Safety Tank System saves space with its upright design, creating a smaller footprint in your basement. It is corrosion resistant and double layered to prevent fuel spills inside your home. Lifetime guarantee!