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The Spirit of Giving

This year seemed to bring about more struggles than our communities have faced in recent years. Although many of us enjoyed the mild winter of 2011, it caused many challenges for our local economies. We all felt the trickle down effect.  From our shop keepers who beared the loss of tourism, to the local plow guy, who relies on harsher winter weather to make ends meet. Here at Cota & Cota, we felt it too. Thats why this holiday season, it was essential to give back to our neighbors, many of whom faced deeper struggles than our own.

The Ken Cota Gift of Warmth is a program designed to “pay it forward” to someone in need. In a random drawing, a local business associate is awarded 200 gallons of heating fuel at a Chamber of Commerce holiday mixer. They are then asked to donate it to someone who is struggling. This year, the fuel was awarded to Steve Cormier, of WTSA. Steve was able to use his morning radio show to find the right recipient. He was humbled hearing the countless stories of struggling families, and said it was incredibly hard to have to choose just one. Casey Cota was on air with Steve the morning a family was chosen, and re-counted the story of how the Ken Cota Gift of Warmth came about. The story is a wonderful reminder of the importance of helping our neighbors in any capacity possible. Listen to Casey’s interview with Steve Cormier:

heating oil propane installation plumbing hvacIn the spirit of giving back, Casey Cota launched a new program, The Hugh Cota Gift from the Heart, to honor his Dad, Hugh. This program donated six ipad mini tablet devices to the Kurn Hattin School. Providing the school with these ipads, will keep curriculum up to date, and hopefully encourage students to keep up their hard work.

Lou_Our_Place_donationThe generous nature of the Cota family inspires us, as the staff of Cota & Cota, to give back as well. Every year we honor the Cotas, by taking a collection and donating it to a local organization in their name. The donation is presented to the Cota family at the annual Christmas party, as our gift to them. This year, we wanted to honor Casey, especially, for his tireless efforts throughout the summer and fall.  After merging with Kearley Fuel in July, Casey worked day and night to install a bulk plant and Key Club fuel station at the Jamaica office. Casey is not the type of person who is above hard work. It is rare that you will find him in his office these days, but rather working side by side with his staff. When he finally emerges from the trenches, covered in dust and dirt, its back to the office to face the daily duties of his position as President of Cota & Cota. We are well aware that his hard work, and vision for the future of the company benefits us all. It was clear this year that there were too many organizations in need, and too many families struggling, to allocate our collection to just one. Instead, we wanted to make an impact in each of the communities we serve. We proudly awarded our funds to:

Bellows Falls: Our Place

Brattleboro: Reformer Christmas Stocking

Jamaica: Jamaica/Wardsboro Community Food Pantry and the Townshend Food Shelf

Ludlow: Black River Good Neighbors

Springfield: Springfield Family Center

White River Junction: Upper Valley Haven

In November, four Cota & Cota staff members volunteered their Saturday to install a heating system for a family. Read the full story here.

Jaimi_Springfield_Family_Center_donationWe hope that you, too will be inspired to give back. The holiday season is coming to a close, but our friends and neighbors are in need year round. Whether it is giving a monetary gift to a local organization, or carrying groceries for an elderly neighbor, we encourage all of you to do what you can to pull together as a community. It really does take a village!

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Honoring Hugh Cota

Cota & Cota has maintained a long tradition of giving back to the community. This year, in the spirit of giving back, we began a new tradition – The Hugh Cota Gift from the Heart. “Work hard, work smart” is the motto Hugh lives by, and his example has inspired his children to live by those same words. On December 10, 2012, the Cota family honored Hugh, by giving students at Kurn Hattin an educational leg up through a donation of six iPad mini tablet devices. By providing access to new technology, the Cota family hopes to encourage students to keep up the hard work that will ultimately lead them on a path to success.

Casey Cota, owner of Cota & Cota could not be more pleased to spread Christmas cheer to an organization that strives to change the lives of so many children. Casey feels it is a great way to continue the generosity of his father, by contributing to a school that has turned kids into great adults.

This spirit of giving is not new to the Cota family. Beginning in the 1940’s, Ken Cota’s generous nature instilled in his family the tradition of giving back. Following in his father’s footsteps, Hugh carried this tradition on strong. Casey says, “Hugh has always been a person who didn’t wait to be asked for help.  If he saw a neighbor who needed a hand, big or small, he was there to jump in.  If someone needed clothing or food or fuel he was there with a helping hand. Though he didn’t like the recognition, he too created a great legacy and bigger shoes to follow.  Hugh passed this great passion on to his children to keep this tradition alive.”

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Out with the Old…In with the New!

When Donna Rains and Victoria Di Zerega, of Hartland, VT discovered they had a cracked boiler, and no money to pay for it, they turned to the VFDA, Oil Heat Cares, and Cota & Cota.

Working together to keep this family warm before winter arrives, the three organizations decided to split the costs of installing a new heating system. The equipment was donated by Oil Heat Cares, and the installation was donated by Cota & Cota. Not only did the business side of Cota & Cota make a hefty donation, but four service technicians and managers volunteered their Saturday to help out. Thanks to Wayne Palmer, Harold Elliott, Tom Cobb and Brad Rostron, these homeowners received the gift of warmth on November 24, 2012.

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Winhall and Jamaica offices to merge!

The Kearley Fuels division of Cota & Cota is about to get busier! In an effort to provide more efficient service to our customers, we will consolidate our Winhall and Jamaica, VT offices. Many members of our staff, including Casey Cota, have worked tirelessly throughout the summer and fall to upgrade the facility at 2097 VT Route 30. The Jamaica office now offers a variety of services not available at our Winhall location, so the move is not only a smart business decision, but will be extremely beneficial to our customers.

Casey Cota says, “With two offices so close together, we felt that we could better serve our customers at one location with easier vehicle access. This consolidation allows us to provide greater services such as motor fuels, 20lb. propane tank exchange, and access to a large service parts inventory. Please continue to contact us as usual for service, delivery, or any questions you might have, at all the same phone numbers, (802) 297-0000 and (802) 874-4921.”

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Key Club Now Open!

November 6, 2012 marked the day that Cota & Cota brought a gas station to Jamaica, VT! The Key Club is an automated gasoline and diesel fuel station, available to our members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Products are billed weekly. Non-members can also fill up during business hours.

Casey Cota pumped gas for our first customer (pictured above).

kearley cota gas key club heating plumbing propane

Become a Key Club member today!

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Upper Valley Chronicle

Cota & Cota sponsored the October 13, 2012 edition of Upper Valley Chronicle. Anne Holmes, of YCN interviewed Harold Elliott, Manager of our White River Junction office. Check out the interview!

Watch more Cota & Cota sponsored programming on Saturday, October 20, and 27, at 6:30pm, on Comcast channel 20, or TDS 13.


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Pee Wee Football

Casey Cota, longtime football coach for Connecticut Valley Pee Wee Football League, offers some perspective about the importance of youth involvement in team sports in this issue of The Vulture.

vulture casey cota heating plumbing

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RVCU Kid’s Fair!

The 15th Annual River Valley Credit Union Kid’s Fair was held Saturday, September 15, on the common in Brattleboro, VT. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for a fair! Kids of all ages were entertained by performers, such as The Jim Show, Cheryl the Clown, Alejandro’s Old Tyme Magik Show, Jody Scalese, Mad Science, and more! A free BBQ was served, courtesy of C& S Wholesale Grocers. The Brattleboro Fire Department served up hamburgers and hot dogs, hot off the Cota & Cota Community Grill. Special appearances were made by Clifford the Big Red Dog and Rodney Raccoon. A BIG thank you to Cota & Cota staff member, Craig McCullough, for wearing the big, red Clifford suit to greet the kids! 


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Touch a Truck, Brattleboro, VT

On Saturday, September 8, Cota & Cota participated in a Touch A Truck event, held at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. The event was a success, and raised much needed funds for the hospital! More than 50 vehicles were present. Children were able to explore them, inside and out, and see what it is really like behind the wheel of these big rigs!



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Welcome Kearley Fuel!

Cota & Cota is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Kearley Fuel, out of Jamaica, VT! We are excited to bring our quality products, and decades of outstanding service to customers of Kearley Fuel. The Kearley office is currently being updated with the same cutting edge technology familiar to all Cota offices. Customers of Cota & Cota are welcome to use the Kearley office for all of your customer service needs, including scheduling service, paying bills, and updating your account. Kearley customers can expect to see the same familiar faces that have served them throughout the years.

It is with a warm heart, that we welcome the Kearley staff and customers!

A little history about Kearley Fuel….


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