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Cota & Cota In The Jamaica VT Community

Salmon Hole Dash

Eliza Gosselin, Jamaica Office: On Saturday July 26, 2014, I had the pleasure of taking part in the First Annual Salmon Hole Dash in Jamaica, Vermont with co-workers, David Moore, Harold Elliott, and Jaimi Russell. This event took place at the Jamaica State Park, located behind the village. The 5k was included with the Jamaica Old Home Days in order to promote healthy activities using local resources. All proceeds were donated to the Jamaica Fire Department.
As a child, I spent many summer days with my grandparents walking and swimming along these West River Trails. I was more than excited to participate with my family, friends and co-workers on what turned out to be a beautiful day. I highly recommend coming here to enjoy this beautiful village and everything it has to offer in and around it.

sign_webstarting-point_web running_web Dave-Jaimi-Harold_webgroup-photo_web





It’s always nice to hear from our customers. What a lovely note!
Thank-You Brian-Miller_web


Way to go Brattleboro!

Relay For Life!

Melissa Smith (Brattleboro Office) ~ “I participated in the Relay for Life of Windham County held at the Brattleboro Union High School track field on June 27 and 28, walking for Team UNFIed for a Cure. We had a team of 15 members (adults and children). The theme for the 12 hour event was “Mardi Gras”.
It was very sobering to hear all of the opening words, and to stand next to one of the other participating teams silently sobbing as they spoke to open the event.  We started walking on the 3rd lap, as the first 2 were for open only for survivors and their caregivers-it made you see how directly impacted many people are by this disease.  There was one group next to us with an newly made sign, one person they were walking for unfortunately lost their life to this battle just 2 days before the event. To see all of the signs with pictures honoring lost loved ones and reading the many luminarys that lined the entire track (all being lit as the sun went down) was very moving.  I’m proud to report that our team raised over $3500. 

Although I had made donations in the past, this was my first year walking. It is something that i believe everyone should experience at least once in their life.  So many people are affected by this and so many struggle every day.”Brattleboro-Melissa_Smith-web

Jaimi Russell (Bellows Falls Office) ~ “On Saturday June 28 and Sunday June 29, I relayed for my aunt at Riverside Middle School in Springfield, VT.
Before last year, I had only heard of Relay for Life. When my dad and several friends participated in the event last year, I was able to come face to face with what it was about during the Opening Ceremony.
I listened as the chairperson gave her speech.  It was emotional, beautiful and moving all at the same time.  I stood there as I remembered my aunt (who my family had lost to brain and lung cancer), and her infectious smile and her giving heart.  As I stood there thinking about her and the tough battle she fought, I knew Relay for Life was an event I wanted to be a part of.  Shortly after, I formed a team, started recruiting team members and donations, and on Saturday the 28th, I found myself setting up our site at RMS with the rest of my awesome team members (including co-worker Harold Elliott), surrounded by 250+ more people who were all there to relay big!
By 5:30am on Sunday, our bodies were exhausted from being up for 24 hours straight, much to that of a cancer patient. Our team raised over $2,000 which was a small team of 8 (6 adults and 2 kids).”Springfield-Relay-Bag_web Springfield-Relay-Sole-Survivors2-web Springfield-Relay-Sole-Survivors-web

Money Well Spent?

We always say our bio-blended heating fuel burns cleaner than the competition, but where’s the proof? We are finally coming out of a long, cold winter where the average home burned more heating fuel than in previous years. Our technicians are out in the field tuning and servicing heating systems. As they go through the regular maintenance process of changing oil filters, strainers and nozzles, they are noticing some major differences in our customer’s heating systems. Let’s just say, the proof is in the photos!

dirty-air-filter_webThe photo on the left is a competitor’s oil filter and strainer. Before switching to Cota & Cota, this homeowner had been with their heating company for over 20 years. They were on an automatic fuel delivery plan, and had the heating system cleaned every year.



Cota-Oil_Filter_Strainer_webThis photo is of an oil filter and strainer from a long-term Cota & Cota customer. Why is it so clean? We use a soy based, bio-blended heating fuel. Each gallon of bio-blended fuel contains up to 5% renewable fuel. Our bio-blended heating oil contains special additives to help you get the maximum performance from your heating system. Once cycled through, the additives in our oil work to clean your fuel tank and heating system, which means you burn less fuel and save money in the process. 




Your fuel purchase at Cota & Cota is money well spent. You can feel good knowing you are buying the best quality heating products on the market!









Case Study

I used to be one of the many homeowners who ask, “How much money will a new heating system really save me?” I bought my home in 2004. Over the next four years, it was suggested to me on numerous occasions to replace my old heating system. I worried about the cost of a brand new system, and if I could really afford it. I wondered if it was something I truly needed. Like my car, I always thought I would let it go until it couldn’t go any further. Finally, when my (approx.) 1,000 square foot home used over 800 gallons of oil in one heating season, I decided it was time. Not to mention, there was a new baby in the house and I didn’t want to take the chance of the heating system breaking down in the middle of the night – again! The American made System 2000 by Energy Kinetics came highly recommended, so I bought it. Honestly, I did not expect to notice too much of a difference. I just didn’t want to call for service every couple of months anymore. If I saved any money at all, I would have been happy. Boy, was I in for a surprise! The next heating season, my oil consumption was reduced to 545 gallons, which equated to around $950! Why did I wait so long? I was amazed, and let Energy Kinetics know how pleased I was. In 2010, they used my home in a case study. Click on the image below to view the findings.

~Deb Satterfield


When is it time to think about purchasing a new heating system?
Your heating system is over 20 years old.
You are using more fuel to heat your home.
You are spending more on annual maintenance.

What are the next steps?
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Who is Ready For Spring?

We sure are! What a long, cold winter it’s been. Bitter cold temperatures also brought an unexpected propane shortage, which led to price spikes in an already volatile market. I think it is fair to say that we are all feeling worn out and ready for spring!
Are you planning your spring cleaning to do list? While you are out cleaning the gutters and freshening up the yard, there are a few other chores that you may want to consider adding to your list:

1. Have your heating system tuned: An annual inspection is crucial to ensure your heating system is running at peak efficiency. The air filters should be changed regularly, and the chamber should be cleared of soot and debris. This will protect your furnace from becoming clogged and inoperable. It also protects you from costly service fees once a problem occurs.

2. Clean out the ducts: Having the ductwork cleaned can help prevent the growth of mold, and improves the overall air quality of your home. If you haven’t had the ducts inspected in a while, it is probably time to make an appointment to do so.

3. Change air conditioner filters: It is recommended that these be changed on a monthly basis. If filters are dirty or clogged, the unit becomes less efficient, resulting in higher electric bills.

4. Consider a programmable thermostat: Are you wasting money heating or cooling unused spaces? Consider installing a programmable thermostat, which can be set to accommodate your schedule. Some models even allow for smartphone access.

5. Get a free estimate on a new heating system: When is it time for an upgrade?

Your heating system is over 20 years old.
You are using more fuel to heat your home.
You are spending more on annual maintenance.
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30 Years at Cota & Cota!

In January we celebrated three very special anniversaries at Cota & Cota. Randy Murray, Rod Miller and Lou Tomberg have all reached their 30th year of service! Talk about service – we are honored to offer our customers a combined 90 years of experience through just three employees!

As a token of appreciation, the Cota Family is sending each of them (and a guest) to opening day of the 2014 Boston Red Sox season to welcome in the World Series Champs! Thanks, Randy, Rod and Lou for being solid examples of conscientious, caring co-workers. It is much appreciated!


Lou Tomberg, Service Dispatch Manager






Rod Miller, Plumbing Manager





Murray,-Randy-&-Pam-webRandy Murray, Plumber





Employees Giving Back

The staff at Cota & Cota have a tradition of honoring the Cota Family by making a donation in their name to various local charities. The gift is presented to the Cota Family at our annual Christmas party. It is also a way of honoring the communities we serve. We have enjoyed presenting the gifts over the last month and wanted to share some information about the organizations we chose.

Bellows Falls, VT – “The Bellows Falls gift was presented to Parks Place located in Bellows Falls, VT by myself and Rod Miller. Rod is heavily involved with the center and has proudly served as a board member for the past 8 years. Parks Place is a community resource center. Beneficiaries include AA, Parenting Classes, Economic Services/Eligibility, Housing Support, Vermont Adult Diploma Program (VADP), and Sevca Family Services to help with fuel assistance and emergency needs. Our donation to Parks Place will be used towards the replacement of the lights on the handicap accessible ramp that were vandalized in November of last year.  Barbara, Nancy and the rest of the staff were so thankful and appreciative of the gift we gave in the name of Casey Cota, Chris Cota and Jim Tully. ~ Jaimi Russell
Pictured from left to right: Barbara Ternes (Director), Jaimi Russell, Rod Miller, Nancy McAuliffe (President of the Board)

Bratt-Donation-Womens_Freedom_Center-webBrattleboro, VT – The Brattleboro area gift was given to The Women’s Freedom Center, an organization in Windham County, VT working to end domestic violence. This organization is committed to offering support and advocacy to survivors of violence, as well as prevention and educational activities to create a community in which violence is not tolerated. They offer individualized safety planning based on their belief that women are the experts in their own lives.  They also offer a weekly drop-in peer support group. The shelter is a safe, confidential, emergency space for women and their children fleeing violence. They also offer several youth outreach programs and educate the community by hosting enriching, powerful events throughout the year in order to build awareness, involve the broader community, and give voice and action to women’s freedom.

Townshend-Food-Pantry_Dave-Moore_web Jamaica
– The Jamaica area gift to the Cota’s was split into two different donations and was given to the Townshend Food Shelf and the Jamaica-Wardsboro Food Pantry. The Townshend Community Food Shelf is an emergency food shelf offering supplemental food assistance to people in need.  It serves families and individuals in the towns of the West River Valley.  The food shelf is located at the Townshend Church (on the common) in Townshend, VT. The Jamaica-Wardsboro Jamaica-Wardsboro-Food-Shelf_Dave-Moore_webFood Pantry has been providing food assistance to residents of the community for 15 years.  The service is available to anyone who asks – no requirements and no questions asked.  They work hard to provide for the special needs of their clients: families with young children, the elderly and those who by illness or circumstances find themselves in crisis. The service is confidential, supportive and non-judgmental.

Ludlow, VT – The Ludlow area gift went to Black River Good Neighbors (BRGNS) in Ludlow. This program serves families and individuals in Ludlow, Cavendish, Proctorsville, Plymouth, Belmont and Mt. Holly, VT. The services they offer include a food shelf program, financial assistance for heat, housing, and utilities, as well as other miscellaneous assistance at BRGNS’ discretion. They also have a thrift store and a furniture store.  Proceeds from sales are used to defray/pay the operating costs associated with their food and financial assistance programs and to provide funds to distribute directly to those in need.

The organization began modestly in the 1960s when a group of United Church of Ludlow members started the Community Welfare Committee to distribute food and other assistance to their neighbors who needed help.  From that small beginning, they grew, moving through many locations in Ludlow.  They receive funding from individuals and business donations, some grants and local public sources.

Springfield-Donation_Meals_on_Wheels-webSpringfield, VT –  The Springfield office designated their donation to the Springfield Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels Program. The gift will help fund a breakfast program serving 90 year old clients. There are currently 14 receiving breakfast through the program. Board Treasurer, Maria Contro says “It’s supporters like you who help and it is very much appreciated”.

“A hot meal delivered daily by a friendly volunteer may be just enough support to enable someone to continue to live independently in their own home. For those who enjoy dining in the company of others, we also provide a congregate meal from 11:30 to 12:30 Monday through Friday at the meal site on the corner of Union and Southridge in Springfield.” ~ www.springfieldseniorcenter.org

Claremont-Soup-Kitchen_Brad-Rostron_webWhite RIver Junction, VT – “Here is a picture taken as we donated our gift to Jan Bunnell. Jan founded the Claremont Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry in 1983. The Claremont Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry serves the less fortunate with hot meals, and puts food on the shelves for the local homeless shelters. Jan and the board of directors are busy planning how to raise money to support the needs of many people, including a new low cost medical service that is supported by local doctors who meet with and treat those that cannot afford to pay for the services otherwise.” ~ Brad Rostron, Office Manager

Best Service…Hands Down

We receive so many nice emails and phone calls about our service technicians, plumbers  and drivers that it is time to recognize these guys for their efforts. They really do go above and beyond, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you, Don Bartlett!
Fred Detar says he is proud to be a customer of Cota & Cota. When a family of renters arrived at his home in Ludlow, VT at 7pm on Christmas Day, they found the carbon monoxide detectors going off. Service technician, Don Bartlett promptly reported to the 8,000 sq foot home and searched every room, keeping Fred (who resides in Florida) updated as he went, with the renters following close behind. He checked all 3 furnaces, all appliances and any other avenue he could think of, just to be sure everything was ok. The end result was that one of the detectors was simply low on batteries. Fred couldn’t say enough about Don and his work ethic.  He said he’s never had a better technician than Don. He took the extra time to put Fred and his renters at ease on Christmas Day by going “above and beyond the call of duty”.

Thank you, David VanAlstyne!
“Today we called for service, as one zone of our heating system was not working. Within two hours, David arrived, negotiated our driveway, and figured out and repaired the problems with patience and good humor–all on a Saturday and after a very long shift. We would like to express our appreciation for your service system and for your personnel.”

“Excellent Service!”
My Husband and I are Cota and Cota customers, We have had you for a provider for going on 5 years now.

This morning when I woke up I noticed it was very cold but figured I just needed to bump the thermostat. I went over and turned the dial. No luck. Then I turned it all the way up and nothing. So I knew we were out of fuel. I was about to go over in my head how could we have possibly ran out then stopped myself and thought “You didn’t check. You are responsible. How are we going to fix this?” So I called your company for help. The first gentleman I talked to was very polite and gently explained that when I get to a quarter of a tank I should call and request a delivery, but could get fuel that day.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to hear that. Now I didn’t have to worry that my family and I would be cold.

I had to call back a few minutes later and explain we were moving and only needed 100 gallons if fuel. The woman I talked to was also friendly and helpful. And within 15 minutes I had a delivery and someone to start my furnace for me.

I just wanted to thank your company for caring about one little family on your long list of clients. It really meant something to us. Thank you for all of your help and its a pleasure to have you as a fuel provider.

From our little family to your big family,
Thank you!!

These are just a few short testimonials from the long list of compliments we receive every day about our competent and friendly staff. To all of our employees – you are what makes our company the best of the best and we commend you!!




Merry Christmas!

Christmas arrived in all of it’s usual fanfare, including an unexpected guest at the Annual Cota & Cota Christmas Party! Santa made an appearance to award each Cota & Cota office with a plaque that listed their community service contributions. Each office contributed greatly to their communities over the past year, and it did not go unnoticed. In turn, employees honored the Cota Family, by presenting donations to local charities on their behalf. Although unplanned, the overall theme of the party was “Pay it Forward”.  The Brattleboro office presented the Cota Family with the employee gift and this message:

“Someone once said “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”. The Cota’s definitely do the right things and lead by example. I’d like to share a story that many of you will probably not hear, but it speaks volumes about this family’s generosity. This month, through the Ken Cota Gift of Warmth, the company donated 100 gallons of heating fuel to two radio stations, who took on the task of using their media platform to “pay it forward”. They were each to find one family that could use a little extra help this year, and donate the fuel to them. A listener was so moved by this act of kindness that he purchased an additional 100 gallons of fuel from us and donated it to the radio station, so that another family could be helped. That listener heard the message and acted. Now thats what paying it forward is all about! Thanks to the Cota Family, now three families in need will be a little warmer this winter.”