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Spring Into Health with Grace Cottage Hospital


GraceCottage5k 2015 DaveM On May 9th Cota & Cota employees took part in the 6th Annual Grace Cottage Hospital “Spring Into Health” 5k walk/run. We have enjoyed being a part of and watching this event grow since 2013.

Despite the cold temperatures there was a great turnout for both the main 5k run and the children fun run on the green afterwards. Dave Moore from the Jamaica office took part in the race while Shari Yates from the Bellows Falls office cheered on runners at the finish line and provided cold water with Cota & Cota beverage cups for refreshment.

We are always thrilled to support organizations like Grace Cottage Hospital that make such a difference for families in our community.

Grace Cottage Hospital has many annual events that focus on community and well-being. Their next event is a Golf Benefit, “Tee It Up for Health on Saturday, June 13th in Wilmington VT. Check out their calendar for more community events: http://gracecottage.org/events/

000 Photos: Dave Moore at the Cota & Cota event booth & runners beginning the race.

Cota & Cota employees are active and engaged members in their communities. Visit our Facebook page to see more events and organizations we support.

On March 20th at 6:45 p.m. the snow will melt and the flowers will start to bloom. Well… maybe not, but it is the first day of spring. As we head into March many of us are holding our collective breaths hoping that there will be no more snow! Oh sure, it was pretty back in December, but enough already!

To get everyone thinking spring, we are running a “melt into spring” contest for several of our locations.

Winners will receive a $25 gift card to a local business and have some fun tracking photo updates and seeing all the great guesses. Join your family and friends for the fun and check out our Cota & Cota Facebook page to enter. Good Luck and Happy Spring!

crocus in snow

State of the Art Drinking Fountain for Kurn Hattin

Over the Christmas Break, the plumbing elves at Cota & Cota were busy inside the Kurn Hattin Homes gymnasium. The Cota plumbing team donated and installed a state of the art drinking fountain and bottle filling station for the children to use during gym class and athletic events. This station delivers a quick, clean water bottle fill and enhances sustainability by minimizing dependency on disposable plastic bottles.

Casey Cota, President of Cota & Cota, inc. has coached some of the Kurn Hattin children in basketball and saw that the old water fountain was outdated. He felt that this would be a great benefit to the students and staff at Kurn Hattin Homes as well as helping reduce waste on campus.

Connie Sanderson, Executive Director of Kurn Hattin Homes said that they are very appreciative of the Cota contribution to Kurn Hattin. This new drinking fountain not only is very useful but the Cota team also placed it in a location that is more accessible than the old fountain.

Kurn Hattin provides a safe home and nurturing environment where boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds or adverse family circumstances can live, learn, grow and thrive while their families get the support and help they need. Our aim is to work with the whole family with a view to reunite children with their parents.

drinking fountain

Ken Cota Gift of Warmth

Casey Cota was on WTSA fm in Brattleboro this morning to present the Ken Cota Gift of Warmth to a family in need. Check out the interview!

Stratton Foundation : Pass It On Fundraiser With Cota & Cota

Pass It On!

Our Winter Clothing Drive has concluded for this year. Thank you to all who donated warm clothes at your local office! With your help, we were able to collect dozens of bags of coats, hats, gloves, and boots. We combined our donations with those from the Stratton Foundation and Jamaica Memorial Library. On Saturday, November 8th, the clothing was distributed at the Jamaica Memorial Library. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, many local families in need will be warm this winter!

~Dave Moore, Jamaica Office Manager

Cota & Cota Ludlow

Christiansen Family Benefit

The employees of Cota & Cota have arranged a benefit for a co-worker whose daughter has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. We would like to help alleviate some of the costs involved with treatment. All proceeds of the fundraiser will go directly to the family. We have some great items to be raffled off, thanks to some wonderful community support. We are also very excited to announce that our Ludlow Office Manager, Jim Rumrill is bringing his band, “The Stage Potatoes”! They played at Rockingham Old Home Days and will be appearing at McCue’s on November 15. This benefit is going to rock! Come one come all, and please let us know if you would like to help!


Cota & Cota Installs The Nest

The Nest

Have you checked out the Nest? Would you like to participate in a study to help determine it’s energy efficiency? Through our partnership with Efficiency Vermont, we are able to offer a FREE Nest to qualified participants. Fill out a short survey here to take the first step in your introduction to the Nest.

Cota & Cota Employee Retires

Farewell, Holly

After 17 years of service, Holly Doyle has decided to retire. She has served customers from the front desk of our Bellows Falls office since July 22, 1997. Holly recalls how her career began at Cota & Cota. “I went home one night from my job at the bank and there was a note on the table that said ‘Sean Cota called, they are looking for a Customer Service Rep and if you are interested please call him.’  I had let a few people know that I was looking to change jobs, and I guess I told the right people.  I called Sean the next day and that was the beginning of my career at Cota & Cota.  My first day at work went so fast that I can hardly remember it.  I do remember that Salmon & Nostrand sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wishing me the best.  After about two weeks, I said to myself, ‘what did I do?’, I was so confused with making out miscellaneous slips, running the register, getting the checks to add up.  I soon realized I had to forget the way I did things at the bank and switch gears.  My biggest boost was when Chris Cota would listen to some of my phone conversations, or conversations with walk-in customers and say, ‘good job Holly.’  The first time he said that, I knew I was going to be o.k.”

Holly-webIn her 17 years, Holly has seen pretty much everything from the front desk at Cota & Cota. “I think the funniest story I have to tell is the day one of my customers left and came back a few hours later to ask me if he had left his false teeth on my desk! Another day a customer called saying she was in her car and needed to pay for oil and get a delivery.  I asked her if she was out (meaning out of product) and she put me in my place by saying ‘what do you mean am I out, of course I am out, I told you I was in my car!'”

Holly loves children, and has enjoyed watching many of our employee’s children grow up. She often offers her babysitting services to help give the working parents of Cota & Cota a break – a gesture which is very much appreciated by the staff!

Holly and Dick, heheating oil propane plumbing installations cota & cota hvac a/cr husband of over 40 years, have two grown children, and two granddaughters, Julia and Brooke. Holly likes to cook, go to the movies, read, and do crafts, such as knitting and crocheting. She also loves to watch birds, and is passionate about animals. Holly plans to spend part of her retirement volunteering at a local Humane Society.

What’s next for Holly? “Dick and I have rented a condo in Florida for a month, so we are really looking forward to that trip.  We have a couple of rooms that we want to do over and I hope we can do it without killing each other…Looking forward to volunteering at a humane society.  I have lots of books to catch up on.  I really look forward to spending time with my husband!  We are starting to think about different places we would like to go. I feel privileged to have worked with so many great people.  It is true that Cota & Cota is family!  I have enjoyed all of the children and feel like every child’s grandmother.”

Holly, we wish you all the best in your new venture! We look forward to seeing your smiling face visiting the office.

Saving $ is Simple!

An annual tune up is a great way to cut your heating costs by up to 10%. In this energy market, an average sized home could save up to $350 annually! During a tune up, the technician will inspect your furnace for potential problems, which will save you the hassle and extra money associated with an emergency call.

At minimum, our Service Technicians will perform the following checklist:

  • Make sure all thermostats are in proper working order.
  • Brush and vacuum the heat exchanger.
  • Inspect and change air filters, oil filters, and strainers.
  • Change nozzle to prevent build-up.
  • Inspect the oil tank.
  • Perform an efficiency test.

Your furnace needs routine maintenance, much like your car. Don’t let it break down in the middle of the night due to a preventative measure. Call us to schedule your appointment today! (888) COTA-OIL…(888) 268-2645. You can also schedule service on our website, or call your local office.

Cota & Cota : Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge makes it’s way across the country, it is making the rounds at Cota & Cota as well. It has been quite amusing to watch our fellow co-workers participate for a great cause. Here are a few videos of employees who have accepted the challenge. Many of us contributed to Bill Otis’ challenge. I mean, who could resist supporting a guy who was willing to let Casey Cota dump an excavator bucket full of ice water on him? Thank you to all of the employees who have made donations so far. Check back for more videos!