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Spring is here!

Spring is here!

SCHEDULE SPRING SERVICE for your ductless air conditioning heat pump. They should get cleaned at least once a year to remove debris and dirt to promote clean air and efficient heating/cooling.

BREATHE CLEANER, FRESHER AIR. Ask us about adding the iWave Air Ionization System. It attached to your current heat pump to deliver clean air to you and your family. iWave reduces certain types of vacteria and viruses as well as ordors and particles in the air. Safely treat the air throughout your home, creating a cleaner environment. We provide options for both residential HVAC systems and ductless systems.

SCHEDULE PERIODIC MAINTENANCE for your heating system. Depending on the age of your system and how much fuel you use it can be done annually, every other year, or even every three years. Your heating system works hard throughout the winter to keep you and your family safe and warm. Consider calling for a “tune-up”. This service can improve the lifespan of the system, the air quality in your home & system efficiency.

AIR QUALITY in your home is important! What does your filter look like after a long time of no service?

GENERATORS need service too! Routine maintenance helps to ensure that your generator will run smoothly and efficiently during a power outage. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to ask us about installing a Kohler generator at your home. Free site visit & estimate provided.

Jesi Amsden