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Simple Savings

Simple Savings

Does your thermostat look like one of these?

Make a small affordable change this winter to save on your heating budget.

New does not need to be confusing or complicated.

We will help you find the best solution for you & your home.

Between work, travel, & sleep you likely have 16 hours out of your 24 hour day that you could be saving!

Features vary depending on the model but many thermostats offer:

• Programmable to your daily routine – set it & forget it!

• Monitor your temperature from your smart device while you’re away.

• Touch screen for simple adjustments.

• Easy to read display screen.

Cota & Cota technicians will help you find the best fit for you and your home, make installation smooth and easy, and explain the in’s and out’s of how to use your new thermostat! Simple – SAVE TODAY – call 888-COTA-OIL or click here to message us about updating your thermostat.

Jesi Amsden