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30 YEARS – Congratulations Wayne & Chip!

30 YEARS – Congratulations Wayne & Chip!

This is a special occasion for Cota & Cota to celebrate 30 years of service for two amazing employees this fall.  Our profound thanks and congratulations go out to Chip Hewitt and Wayne Palmer!

Celebrating 30 years in the Cota & Cota family with Chip & Wayne.

Chip Hewitt came to Cota & Cota in September of 1987. 

Chip started as a plumber’s apprentice and a delivery driver in the winter.   Chip’s can-do attitude always makes the workday enjoyable.  His versatility quickly made him an asset to many different departments.  Chip’s ability to complete anything from plumbing projects to heating installation projects to deliveries to construction projects allowed the company to grow.  Now doing heating estimates, Chip has added great knowledge and commitment to this department.

With Chip’s timely dry humor he keeps his coworkers on their toes.  And his good-hearted nature helps make the work place an enjoyable place to be.

Wayne Palmer came onboard in August in 1987 from Gay’s Fuel Service. 

From the early days of meeting Wayne, I knew he was about making quality his top priority.  He is always great at teaching people new skills and helping others problem solve.  Wayne’s knowledge in both oil and propane service has helped to make Cota & Cota the company that it is today by setting the standard for quality.  Wayne’s ability to help with a problem day or night shows not only his commitment to his fellow employees but also to his craft.

Over time, Wayne has evolved just like Chip by moving from service tech to field supervisor to estimator to his current position of service dispatch and scheduling at the Creamery, where he took over for Lou Tomberg. Wayne has taken on every new task with wanting to be the best he can be at it and for that we thank him. 

 Chip and Wayne, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do, to make Cota & Cota the leader in the heating industry, but more importantly, making others around you better.

– Casey, Chris, Kelley

Kelley Tully, Casey Cota & Chris Cota are thrilled to 75 years of a family tradition!

Jesi Amsden