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Please join us in congratulating Jim Rumrill on 30 years with the Cota & Cota family!

Cota & Cota was started by Ken & Helen Cota in 1941. Since then it has been a family owned & operated business with our focus on handling business just as Ken & Helen wished – the Old Yankee Way.

One interpretation is that you respect everyone, their property, and their opinions. You show concern, compassion, and caring. It means volunteering within your community. It means watching out for your neighbors. Doing business the “Old Yankee Way” means treating our customers and employees as we would want to be treated – with courtesy and professionalism – with honesty and good value.

It is these values that we see and appreciate in our Ludlow manager, Jim Rumrill. He joined Cota & Cota in October of 1986.  Since then Jim, his wife Patty, and their two children have become a part of the Cota & Cota family.


Jim is known most for his patient demeanor and good natured heart. He is quick with his smile and equally quick with his wit.

Jim started as a plumbing apprentice and was moved into the Ludlow office just a few years later where he would become the new office manager.

Jim has grown to be an essential part of the Ludlow community as well as a great example of leadership for the Cota & Cota team. He has made profound contributions to many community organizations but two programs that he has been an integral part of for over 26 years are the Ludlow Rotary Club and its Youth Exchange Program.

Over these 30 years we have been fortunate to be a part of Jim’s journey. It is his investment of time in others and his community that is appreciated by all of us at Cota & Cota.

Thank you for all your years of service!!!

– Casey Cota

If you would like to leave him some words of encouragement or have a cherished memory with Jim please visit our facebook page and leave a comment or email us at ludlow@cotaoil.com.

Jesi Amsden