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Farewell, Holly

Cota & Cota Employee Retires

Farewell, Holly

After 17 years of service, Holly Doyle has decided to retire. She has served customers from the front desk of our Bellows Falls office since July 22, 1997. Holly recalls how her career began at Cota & Cota. “I went home one night from my job at the bank and there was a note on the table that said ‘Sean Cota called, they are looking for a Customer Service Rep and if you are interested please call him.’  I had let a few people know that I was looking to change jobs, and I guess I told the right people.  I called Sean the next day and that was the beginning of my career at Cota & Cota.  My first day at work went so fast that I can hardly remember it.  I do remember that Salmon & Nostrand sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wishing me the best.  After about two weeks, I said to myself, ‘what did I do?’, I was so confused with making out miscellaneous slips, running the register, getting the checks to add up.  I soon realized I had to forget the way I did things at the bank and switch gears.  My biggest boost was when Chris Cota would listen to some of my phone conversations, or conversations with walk-in customers and say, ‘good job Holly.’  The first time he said that, I knew I was going to be o.k.”

Holly-webIn her 17 years, Holly has seen pretty much everything from the front desk at Cota & Cota. “I think the funniest story I have to tell is the day one of my customers left and came back a few hours later to ask me if he had left his false teeth on my desk! Another day a customer called saying she was in her car and needed to pay for oil and get a delivery.  I asked her if she was out (meaning out of product) and she put me in my place by saying ‘what do you mean am I out, of course I am out, I told you I was in my car!'”

Holly loves children, and has enjoyed watching many of our employee’s children grow up. She often offers her babysitting services to help give the working parents of Cota & Cota a break – a gesture which is very much appreciated by the staff!

Holly and Dick, heheating oil propane plumbing installations cota & cota hvac a/cr husband of over 40 years, have two grown children, and two granddaughters, Julia and Brooke. Holly likes to cook, go to the movies, read, and do crafts, such as knitting and crocheting. She also loves to watch birds, and is passionate about animals. Holly plans to spend part of her retirement volunteering at a local Humane Society.

What’s next for Holly? “Dick and I have rented a condo in Florida for a month, so we are really looking forward to that trip.  We have a couple of rooms that we want to do over and I hope we can do it without killing each other…Looking forward to volunteering at a humane society.  I have lots of books to catch up on.  I really look forward to spending time with my husband!  We are starting to think about different places we would like to go. I feel privileged to have worked with so many great people.  It is true that Cota & Cota is family!  I have enjoyed all of the children and feel like every child’s grandmother.”

Holly, we wish you all the best in your new venture! We look forward to seeing your smiling face visiting the office.

Grant Christiansen