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Money Well Spent?

Money Well Spent?

We always say our bio-blended heating fuel burns cleaner than the competition, but where’s the proof? We are finally coming out of a long, cold winter where the average home burned more heating fuel than in previous years. Our technicians are out in the field tuning and servicing heating systems. As they go through the regular maintenance process of changing oil filters, strainers and nozzles, they are noticing some major differences in our customer’s heating systems. Let’s just say, the proof is in the photos!

dirty-air-filter_webThe photo on the left is a competitor’s oil filter and strainer. Before switching to Cota & Cota, this homeowner had been with their heating company for over 20 years. They were on an automatic fuel delivery plan, and had the heating system cleaned every year.



Cota-Oil_Filter_Strainer_webThis photo is of an oil filter and strainer from a long-term Cota & Cota customer. Why is it so clean? We use a soy based, bio-blended heating fuel. Each gallon of bio-blended fuel contains up to 5% renewable fuel. Our bio-blended heating oil contains special additives to help you get the maximum performance from your heating system. Once cycled through, the additives in our oil work to clean your fuel tank and heating system, which means you burn less fuel and save money in the process. 




Your fuel purchase at Cota & Cota is money well spent. You can feel good knowing you are buying the best quality heating products on the market!









Grant Christiansen