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Who is Ready For Spring?

Who is Ready For Spring?

We sure are! What a long, cold winter it’s been. Bitter cold temperatures also brought an unexpected propane shortage, which led to price spikes in an already volatile market. I think it is fair to say that we are all feeling worn out and ready for spring!
Are you planning your spring cleaning to do list? While you are out cleaning the gutters and freshening up the yard, there are a few other chores that you may want to consider adding to your list:

1. Have your heating system tuned: An annual inspection is crucial to ensure your heating system is running at peak efficiency. The air filters should be changed regularly, and the chamber should be cleared of soot and debris. This will protect your furnace from becoming clogged and inoperable. It also protects you from costly service fees once a problem occurs.

2. Clean out the ducts: Having the ductwork cleaned can help prevent the growth of mold, and improves the overall air quality of your home. If you haven’t had the ducts inspected in a while, it is probably time to make an appointment to do so.

3. Change air conditioner filters: It is recommended that these be changed on a monthly basis. If filters are dirty or clogged, the unit becomes less efficient, resulting in higher electric bills.

4. Consider a programmable thermostat: Are you wasting money heating or cooling unused spaces? Consider installing a programmable thermostat, which can be set to accommodate your schedule. Some models even allow for smartphone access.

5. Get a free estimate on a new heating system: When is it time for an upgrade?

Your heating system is over 20 years old.
You are using more fuel to heat your home.
You are spending more on annual maintenance.
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Grant Christiansen