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30 Years at Cota & Cota!

30 Years at Cota & Cota!

In January we celebrated three very special anniversaries at Cota & Cota. Randy Murray, Rod Miller and Lou Tomberg have all reached their 30th year of service! Talk about service – we are honored to offer our customers a combined 90 years of experience through just three employees!

As a token of appreciation, the Cota Family is sending each of them (and a guest) to opening day of the 2014 Boston Red Sox season to welcome in the World Series Champs! Thanks, Randy, Rod and Lou for being solid examples of conscientious, caring co-workers. It is much appreciated!


Lou Tomberg, Service Dispatch Manager






Rod Miller, Plumbing Manager





Murray,-Randy-&-Pam-webRandy Murray, Plumber





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