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Best Service…Hands Down

Best Service…Hands Down

We receive so many nice emails and phone calls about our service technicians, plumbers  and drivers that it is time to recognize these guys for their efforts. They really do go above and beyond, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Thank you, Don Bartlett!
Fred Detar says he is proud to be a customer of Cota & Cota. When a family of renters arrived at his home in Ludlow, VT at 7pm on Christmas Day, they found the carbon monoxide detectors going off. Service technician, Don Bartlett promptly reported to the 8,000 sq foot home and searched every room, keeping Fred (who resides in Florida) updated as he went, with the renters following close behind. He checked all 3 furnaces, all appliances and any other avenue he could think of, just to be sure everything was ok. The end result was that one of the detectors was simply low on batteries. Fred couldn’t say enough about Don and his work ethic.  He said he’s never had a better technician than Don. He took the extra time to put Fred and his renters at ease on Christmas Day by going “above and beyond the call of duty”.

Thank you, David VanAlstyne!
“Today we called for service, as one zone of our heating system was not working. Within two hours, David arrived, negotiated our driveway, and figured out and repaired the problems with patience and good humor–all on a Saturday and after a very long shift. We would like to express our appreciation for your service system and for your personnel.”

“Excellent Service!”
My Husband and I are Cota and Cota customers, We have had you for a provider for going on 5 years now.

This morning when I woke up I noticed it was very cold but figured I just needed to bump the thermostat. I went over and turned the dial. No luck. Then I turned it all the way up and nothing. So I knew we were out of fuel. I was about to go over in my head how could we have possibly ran out then stopped myself and thought “You didn’t check. You are responsible. How are we going to fix this?” So I called your company for help. The first gentleman I talked to was very polite and gently explained that when I get to a quarter of a tank I should call and request a delivery, but could get fuel that day.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to hear that. Now I didn’t have to worry that my family and I would be cold.

I had to call back a few minutes later and explain we were moving and only needed 100 gallons if fuel. The woman I talked to was also friendly and helpful. And within 15 minutes I had a delivery and someone to start my furnace for me.

I just wanted to thank your company for caring about one little family on your long list of clients. It really meant something to us. Thank you for all of your help and its a pleasure to have you as a fuel provider.

From our little family to your big family,
Thank you!!

These are just a few short testimonials from the long list of compliments we receive every day about our competent and friendly staff. To all of our employees – you are what makes our company the best of the best and we commend you!!




Grant Christiansen