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Energy Saving Tips

Cota & Cota Installs Guardian Home Comfort Monitoring Systems

Energy Saving Tips

1. Upgrade an old heating system- Replacing an old system with a new one is an investment that will pay for itself by cutting your fuel costs by as much as 40%.

2. Clear the way- Make sure that armchairs, couches, drapes, bookshelves, etc. are not blocking your baseboards, making it harder for warmth to get to the rest of the room.

3. Let the sun shine in- “Southern exposure” gives you some very basic passive solar.  Consider thinning evergreens if they block the sun on the south side of your house.

4. Stormy weather? Storm door- A weather tight storm door and a weatherized solid door make a great combination.  The storm door stops wind, and the trapped air between the doors provides insulation.

5. Flew clue- Once your fireplace fire or wood stove fire is totally out and cool to the touch, close the damper to stop your home heating dollars from flying up the chimney.

6. Clean those baseboards- Vacuum the heating pipes inside your baseboard units to help them transfer heat to the room air more efficiently. 

7. Cool clothes- Keep your closet doors closed.  There’s over 100 cubic feet in a closet you don’t need to pay extra to keep warm.

8. Draw the shades, shut the light- Close all of your curtains and shades at night to trap heat inside; open them during the day to let heat from the sun in.

9. Keep the windows clean- Be sure to keep windows on the south side of your house regularly clean to maximize solar gain.

10. Invest in a high efficiency oil-fired water heater- Ask us about an indirect water heater system, which can give you a nearly endless supply of hot water. (Oil heat is very cost-efficient at making hot water.) 

Grant Christiansen