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Honoring Hugh Cota

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Honoring Hugh Cota

Cota & Cota has maintained a long tradition of giving back to the community. This year, in the spirit of giving back, we began a new tradition – The Hugh Cota Gift from the Heart. “Work hard, work smart” is the motto Hugh lives by, and his example has inspired his children to live by those same words. On December 10, 2012, the Cota family honored Hugh, by giving students at Kurn Hattin an educational leg up through a donation of six iPad mini tablet devices. By providing access to new technology, the Cota family hopes to encourage students to keep up the hard work that will ultimately lead them on a path to success.

Casey Cota, owner of Cota & Cota could not be more pleased to spread Christmas cheer to an organization that strives to change the lives of so many children. Casey feels it is a great way to continue the generosity of his father, by contributing to a school that has turned kids into great adults.

This spirit of giving is not new to the Cota family. Beginning in the 1940’s, Ken Cota’s generous nature instilled in his family the tradition of giving back. Following in his father’s footsteps, Hugh carried this tradition on strong. Casey says, “Hugh has always been a person who didn’t wait to be asked for help.  If he saw a neighbor who needed a hand, big or small, he was there to jump in.  If someone needed clothing or food or fuel he was there with a helping hand. Though he didn’t like the recognition, he too created a great legacy and bigger shoes to follow.  Hugh passed this great passion on to his children to keep this tradition alive.”

Grant Christiansen