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US Builders Review

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US Builders Review

Cota & Cota was recently featured in US Builders Review magazine! Chris Cota, 2nd generation at Cota & Cota, explains our philosophy for success:

‘“Our philosophy is pretty simple: don’t lie, answer the phones and everything else is just gravy,” says Chris. The company’s flexibility and willingness to invest in additional skills and licenses has paid off; CCI professionals will tackle projects of any kinds, giving customers greater peace-of-mind by providing a one-stop-shop for many critical services. The company also meets the needs of local tourist destinations by supplying and servicing high-efficiency, space saving boilers for condominium units across ski resorts.”

“Just the other day I spoke with a woman who admitted she has been a customer of ours for 55 years,” beams Chris. “We really value the relationships we have with our clients and our vendors.”. In order to continue garnering such long term customers CCI understands that its efforts to update and evolve with new products and service is never-ending. CCI most recently began selling the Nest Learning Thermostat, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that remembers the homeowner’s preferences to ultimately conserve energy.’

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