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Up, Up and Away!

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Up, Up and Away!

What a beautiful weekend for the Quechee Balloon Festival! Blue skies and calm wind speed made perfect weather conditions for smooth sailing over the Quechee Gorge. A total of 21 balloons filled the early morning sky on Saturday.

White River Junction Office Manager, Harold Elliott helped organize the event through the local Chamber of Commerce. Other Cota & Cota staff members pulled together to keep the event running smoothly. Craig McCullough volunteered at the gates to help passengers find their way back to the starting line on festival grounds. Jon Reed made a special fuel delivery, and our Cota Community Van helped tether a balloon for those who wished to have the balloon experience without traveling too far.

Thank you Harold, Craig and Jon for volunteering your time to an important community event!


The Cota Community Van and tethered balloon:



Grant Christiansen