About Us

My family has been providing folks in Vermont and New Hampshire with a full line of quality petroleum products, unmatched service, and dependability for over 75 years.

One call can solve all of your plumbing and heating needs—24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

As a locally owned Vermont family business, Cota & Cota has employed three generations of your family, friends and neighbors. We live and work in your community. We are here for you when you need a helping hand. When you become a customer of Cota & Cota, we consider you family—we care!

You can count on us—we’re staking our name on it!

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Casey K Cota, Cota & Cota Inc

When Cota & Cota was founded on May 1, 1941, Ken and Helen Cota ran the business out of one of the first 24-hour gas stations in Vermont. They started out with two trucks to deliver kerosene or “range oil” as it was called in those days. Customers paid eight cents per gallon. Hard work and perseverance paid off, and in 1953 they expanded the business to include an office at 4 Green St. in Bellows Falls, VT. Now, over 75 years and three generations later, Cota & Cota is at the forefront of the heating industry. As we keep up with market trends, and stay on top of cutting edge technology, we will never forget our roots or the belief system our company was founded on. We are proud of our Vermont heritage and the effort we have put forth to gain your trust in us. We are committed to give our customers the best service in the industry, hands down.

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The Old Yankee Way

We often talk about doing business the “Old Yankee Way” or living our life the “Old Yankee Way” but what does that mean?

One interpretation is that you respect everyone, their property, and their opinions. You show courtesy and concern, compassion and caring. It means volunteering within your community. It means watching out for your neighbors. It means opening a door for someone or saying “thank you”. Doing business the “Old Yankee Way” means treating our customers and employees as we would want to be treated – with courtesy and professionalism – with honesty and good value. It means a friendly voice on the phone and answers to your questions. It means a return phone call. It means that we will take care of your needs to the best of our ability so that you do not have to worry.